Across the United States, we're starting chapters of the League of Minority Voters to drive voter turnout.

You can be a part of change. We fight for your voter rights. Together we push for  flexible voter access to the  ballot through empowerment, education and advocacy.


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Our mission is to ensure every eligible voter can vote:

The League of Minority Voters believes that there are basic steps that can ensure every eligible voice is heard in the election process. We focus on national, state, and local elections.


Minority groups often feel that they don't have a voice in their country due to the amount of money necessary to succeed in politics and candidates that don't speak to their needs. The League of Minority Voters works with candidates and voters from all parties and backgrounds. 

Protecting the Right to Vote is Critical

States with same day voter registration, online voter registration, and ballot drop boxes see the greatest voter turnout. 

 We are committed to laws and policies that make it easier to vote. Voting remains a civil rights issue and making sure every eligible voter can vote protects each of our rights. 

Some of our initiatives include:

  • Protecting the Voting Rights Act and proper oversight of the election process

  • Educating voters about requirements and the fair enforcement of those requirements

  • Protecting voters from the gerrymandering of districts

  • Educating the public and candidates on issues affecting minority voters

  • Promoting voter registration through voter registration drives

  • Promoting same day and online voter registration

  • Creating campus programs to make sure the upcoming generation is active in the election process

Find out more about starting or joining a chapter in your neighborhood:

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